Everyone Deserves to be Remembered

The Special Candle Trust is a registered charity with The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator. The Independent Regulator and Registrar of Scottish Charities.


Established since 2014. We have provided free candles to people all over the United Kingdom who are suffering from the emotional stresses of bereavement.

Giving out personalised, hand crafted candles to use as an aid in combating the hurtful stages of grief.


The aim of the Special Candle Trust is to promote better understanding of holistic techniques that facilitate responsible and effective self-help for sufferers of emotional pain through personal loss by offering a practical solution to help alleviate harmful stress that can lead to depression and in some extreme cases suicide.

We truly believe that our candles have a unique ability to bring comfort to those suffering from grief and can help them deal with the feelings associated with losing a loved one.

All our charity candles are given out free of charge and come with a glass cylinder, candle snuffer and sand.

If you know of an individual who is in need or you personally would like a candle, then please get in touch